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Shooting corporate video

Ideas For Corporate Videos

Video marketing is something that a lot of businesses are considering. However, you need to ensure that you use the right corporate videos for your marketing needs. There are a number of different corporate video ideas that you should consider before you make any decisions.

The Mission Video

The mission video is a corporate video that helps you connect the viewer with what your business is all about. This type of video will often have interviews with people who have used your business or who are employed by the business. The interviews will vary depending on the overall purpose of the video and the target audience.

These videos will generally have a story which is woven into the overall narrative. You should look at this type of video if your business deals directly with consumers or solves a problem that they have.

The Recruitment Video

Getting new employees can be easy for some businesses, but there are others that find this to be a bit harder. If your business is looking for people with particular skills, you need to consider creating a recruitment video. When you create a recruitment video, you need to highlight the reasons why your company is a good one to work for. You should also include information about your business culture and values.

The best place to have these videos will be on your recruitment pages. It helps undecided people determine if they want to work for your company. It can also help recruitment agents to better understand your business and provide you with resumes of people who would actually fit into your business.

The Brand Video

The brand video can often be confused with the mission video because it tells people about your business and what you do. However, they can be very different if they are done correctly. With a brand video, you will be able to focus on one aspect of your business which you want people to associate with your brand. An example of this will be a brand video for a construction company that emphasizes the importance of safety and how the company ensures that all sites are safe.

The Training Video

Training videos are generally used for internal purposes, but you can also use them for marketing your business. The way that you approach these videos will vary depending on their use. This is due to the fact that an internal use video will contain information that you will not provide for an external use video.

If you are making an internal use video, this could show the process of using certain systems in your business. The training video could also provide employees with more information about the ethos of the business and how they fit into this. Other aspects of the workplace can also be covered in these videos including safety training.

Not all businesses will be able to use training videos for external purposes. However, if you run a service business, you could use this type of video. The videos that you produce could provide basic information and training to potential customers which will lead them to the services that you provide.

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